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Meeting people is one of my many passions, friends always accuse me of making them laugh with my many stories and own infectious laugh. I can’t help being myself – I’m open-hearted, playful, and endearing. Above all, I have so much appetite for learning that I often find myself engaging in a deep athletic conversation. 

Art is my go-to medium of life in expressing my personality, so, I like to be creative. I do acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, dressmaking, poetry writing, and many more. I was raised on the value that whoever is by my side, be it partner, friend, or lover – they should always be made to feel special.

I believe that the sexiest thing about a person is their smile, all I can promise if you decided to date me is a good conversation and to keep your smile glowing. 

I have a wide variety of interests that I’m more than happy to share. If none of that takes your fancy, I’m always open to suggestions and happy to wind down with a low-key evening or event. Look forward to talking soon.


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